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Hey, I’m rooting for you

Love yourself.

Congratulate yourself.

Pat yourself on the back when you catch a win.



I’m always rooting for you BUT... Nobody is going to cheer for you like YOU.

Your biggest flex is knowing that no matter who don’t got you, you got you.

Oftentimes, we look for acceptance from everyone around us.

- and oftentimes, we do this without even accepting ourselves.

Show yourself some love every now and then.

Make self-care a habit.

Make it a point to treat yourself to something you love every now & then.


Life isn’t about achieving things to show other people you did something.

Life is about finding what makes YOU happy.

Congratulate YOURSELF. Reward YOURSELF.

Stop living your life for the acceptance of others and live it for YOU.

Work hard. Work smart. Stack your money. Enjoy your life.

And if you haven’t heard it today, I LOVE YOU! ♡

So get a massage (maybe not rn, ya’ll know it’s a pandemic)

Buy that bag.

Take a bubble bath.

Fellas, treat yourself to some new 1s.

Or just treat yourself to some dessert and just DO YOU.

With love,

Daijah Marnae’

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Hello Everyone...

How are you? I hope you’re keeping your head up, learning, growing, and of course… making money.

Life is always going to throw us curve balls, so what can we do? ADAPT and ELEVATE!

Always keep it moving.

Always look for new opportunities.

Always work on bettering yourself.

Now is not the time to get lazy. After all, “discipline is the greatest form of self-love”.

Start whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, and do it with CONFIDENCE.

In other words, say it with your chest!

The sooner you make that move, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

Whatever you do, do it with the confidence and belief that you are THE ONE.

You have something different to give the world.

Everything should be in the past tense.

Do you have enough confidence in yourself to know that you are the one?

Do you know that there’s something unique about you that makes you the one?

We should never be in excitement- we should ALWAYS be in alignment.

Don’t think about IF you’re going to get that yes. Prepare yourself for WHEN you get that yes.

Trust the process, and don't skip the hard parts, we need those moments to build us up. We need to experience everything to be able to handle what comes with being at the top. After all, “when you become a diamond, you’ll understand why life had to pressure you”.

With love,

Daijah Marnae’

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Hi lovely,

We’re one month into a new year AND a new decade! Are you off to a productive start?

Make this year count.

How many of your peers want to make six figures?

How many of your peers actually put in work EVERY DAY to achieve that goal?

How many of your peers want to be millionaires?

How many of your peers actually put in work EVERY DAY to achieve THAT goal?

...See where I’m going here?

If any of these is a goal of yours and you don’t have any peers that share that same hunger… you need some new friends. I’m not saying drop your current friends,(okay, maybe I am) buttttttt you need to at least find some people pushing in the same direction as you!

A huge part of achieving goals is your environment. The company you keep will influence you eventually, whether you like it or not. I keep dreamers around me. Big thinkers. People who execute with precision. People that will try one thousand times before even dreaming of folding- because they are like me. I talk about business and changing the world with all of my friends, and we’re not just talking… we’re making moves together.

Your friends should want what’s best for you. However, if they don’t want *most importantly, WORK for* the best for themselves then don’t expect them to do so for you.

It’s not that they don’t love you, it’s just that they don’t have that mindset.

For example.. If you have a friend who is lazy and procrastinates a lot, more than likely they will be okay if you do the same things- like going out instead of preparing for that big meeting or sleeping in instead of going to the gym like you planned. Instead of holding each other accountable, you will hold each other back by being ok with mediocrity.

Now, think of your friend that consistently works out and spends weekends working on that masters degree. They will encourage you to go back to school to get that degree or to finally get in shape because they live that lifestyle already. Surround yourself with people you want to be like.

If you want to get into real estate, get around some real estate investors.

Go to meetings.

Go to auctions.

FIND THEM and introduce yourself.

You will probably become a real estate investor A LOT faster by studying the material AND surrounding yourself with people who can point you in the right direction.

Hanging with your friend who has no real plans in life and is just “chilling” isn’t going to help you get there. They may be cool, but you need to be around people who are in the lane you want to be in.

If you can’t find them in your area, get online, join groups, go to meetings- there are so many different communities out there. Find one.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, find some other entrepreneurs and help each other through the obstacles. They might be able to help you because they’ve been there.

If you happen to find someone that’s ahead of you in the game, WATCH THEM.

Take notes on even the smallest of things.

People watch.

You are your greatest weapon. NETWORK. Your face card will make you or break you.

You’re not going to meet the people you need to meet in the current circles you’re in… if that was the case, you would have already met them. Examine the people around you. If they’re not pushing towards something better, you don’t need to be around them.

I’m not saying their goals have to be “I want to be a millionaire” but if they don’t have goals, think to yourself, ‘is this the company I want to keep?’

You are who you hang around. Never forget that.

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With love,

Daijah Marnae’

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