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Hi lovely,

We’re one month into a new year AND a new decade! Are you off to a productive start?

Make this year count.

How many of your peers want to make six figures?

How many of your peers actually put in work EVERY DAY to achieve that goal?

How many of your peers want to be millionaires?

How many of your peers actually put in work EVERY DAY to achieve THAT goal?

...See where I’m going here?

If any of these is a goal of yours and you don’t have any peers that share that same hunger… you need some new friends. I’m not saying drop your current friends,(okay, maybe I am) buttttttt you need to at least find some people pushing in the same direction as you!

A huge part of achieving goals is your environment. The company you keep will influence you eventually, whether you like it or not. I keep dreamers around me. Big thinkers. People who execute with precision. People that will try one thousand times before even dreaming of folding- because they are like me. I talk about business and changing the world with all of my friends, and we’re not just talking… we’re making moves together.

Your friends should want what’s best for you. However, if they don’t want *most importantly, WORK for* the best for themselves then don’t expect them to do so for you.

It’s not that they don’t love you, it’s just that they don’t have that mindset.

For example.. If you have a friend who is lazy and procrastinates a lot, more than likely they will be okay if you do the same things- like going out instead of preparing for that big meeting or sleeping in instead of going to the gym like you planned. Instead of holding each other accountable, you will hold each other back by being ok with mediocrity.

Now, think of your friend that consistently works out and spends weekends working on that masters degree. They will encourage you to go back to school to get that degree or to finally get in shape because they live that lifestyle already. Surround yourself with people you want to be like.

If you want to get into real estate, get around some real estate investors.

Go to meetings.

Go to auctions.

FIND THEM and introduce yourself.

You will probably become a real estate investor A LOT faster by studying the material AND surrounding yourself with people who can point you in the right direction.

Hanging with your friend who has no real plans in life and is just “chilling” isn’t going to help you get there. They may be cool, but you need to be around people who are in the lane you want to be in.

If you can’t find them in your area, get online, join groups, go to meetings- there are so many different communities out there. Find one.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, find some other entrepreneurs and help each other through the obstacles. They might be able to help you because they’ve been there.

If you happen to find someone that’s ahead of you in the game, WATCH THEM.

Take notes on even the smallest of things.

People watch.

You are your greatest weapon. NETWORK. Your face card will make you or break you.

You’re not going to meet the people you need to meet in the current circles you’re in… if that was the case, you would have already met them. Examine the people around you. If they’re not pushing towards something better, you don’t need to be around them.

I’m not saying their goals have to be “I want to be a millionaire” but if they don’t have goals, think to yourself, ‘is this the company I want to keep?’

You are who you hang around. Never forget that.

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With love,

Daijah Marnae’

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What goes through your head when you’re trying to discipline yourself to create a new habit?

This habit can be eating better, working out, studying, exercising patience, spending less money on unnecessary things, etc.

This is what goes through my head:

When this phase is over with, I’m going to be stronger, and I’m going to be a better person. If I can get through this mental battle- I can get through anything."

Then, it becomes a game that I have to win & I love a challenge.

Consider these three points:

  1. Understand that discomfort is temporary, but we must be uncomfortable to grow.

  2. All stress comes from the mind.

  3. Your brain will validate all of your beliefs, rather they are right or wrong.

“Train your mind to be stronger than your feelings.”

For example, let’s say you found a license or certification you can obtain that’ll make you more knowledgeable in your industry. Most likely, you already have a full schedule and a lot on your plate.

So, what are you going to do? Are you going to find an excuse or are you going to find a way?

Let’s say the certification exam is 4 weeks from now.

2 hours of studying a day, 7 days a week = 56 hours.

(play w/ the numbers as you see fit depending on the amount of material)

This is very doable.

Challenging? Yes, but doable nevertheless.

Make the decision that you’re going to commit, and follow through.

In terms of this example, ask yourself this:

Why would you not want to have extensive knowledge, licenses, and certifications?

What’s a recession when you're recession proof and can always adjust if you need to?

Do you want to put in the overtime now so that you can choose when and how you want to work later?

Or do you want to take it easy now and stress yourself later?

These questions can be tailored for any habit you're in the process of disciplining yourself to create.

Even if you’re young like myself, we have to always be thinking about the long game.

If you invest in yourself now, your family will be thanking your for generations to come. Complaining and coming up with reasons why it’s hard or why someone had the advantage, won’t result in any progress.

“Discipline HAS to be greater than the desire to get it done.”

Motivation is fleeting & easy to rely on because it requires no concentrated effort.

Motivation comes to you- you don't have to chase after it.

Discipline is reliable, motivation is fleeting.

Force yourself to work.

These are the things I tell myself in moments of struggle.

These are the things that help me push through.

Because I love you, I want to help motivate you and inspire you anyway that I can- even if it’s just by sending encouraging words and tips your way.

Here are few resources that are also helping me/have helped me to stay disciplined.

Check them out, and let me know what you think.

“Nothing is more humbling then getting what you prayed for, and realizing you weren’t ready for it.”

I hope everyone set aside time yesterday to plan out their week so that you can be productive as fuck in the days to come. In this weeks post, I wanted to share some of my notes on preparation.

Preparation is a multi-step process, it never ends.

If you have a new schedule, stick with it-follow through. The execution might not be smooth, but that’s okay. You’re trying something new- give yourself time to grow.

Here are some tips to help you prepare and stay focused:

  • Write out everything you want to do.

There’s power in writing and visualization; they work hand and hand with The Law of Attraction.

  • After 3 months, analyze your progress.

(i.e: how far have you come? Are you prepping for success or are you half assing? Is this really what you want to do with your time? Is the end result going to bring you happiness?)

I think it is very important to stress 3 MONTHS.

Quitting after a week or two won’t get you anywhere. Just because it isn’t going how you pictured it, doesn’t mean things are going exactly how they need to in order for you to grow.

  • Use your phone.

You don’t need 100 planners or apps to make your life easier; everyone is different. Do what works for you- and more often than not, less is more.

We pay all this money for iPhones (smartphones)… USE IT TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.

I utilize my google calendar. I add everything I need to do for the week along with the times and addresses for the places I need to be. Since my phone is always on me, I always know what I’m supposed to be doing.

I’m in graduate school, so I also add in my assignments a day before they are due. That way, if something pops up, I can still get it done. I also color code: blue for school, purple for Ju’Nae Fit, yellow for personal.

Again, this is what works for me, Do what works for you SOMETHING.

I do this every Sunday; planning your week ahead will save you a lot of time in the long run.

All you have to do is sit down for an hour or 2 on Sunday and map out your whole week.

When you wake up on Monday, meditate, look at your plan for the day and execute.

That's it- don't complicate it.

This will save a lot of time down the line. If you start your week with a mapped out schedule, all you have to do is execute.

Personally, organization is my best friend. I can’t execute efficiently without it. Getting organized and prepared for the life you desire ahead of you is very important to the journey- and ultimately, one step closer to living in your purpose.