Channeling Your Vices.

Don’t let people tell you that you should quit your vices. What would be more beneficial is if you can find ways to channel your vices into your gift!

What is a vice?

Well, a vice is defined as an immoral or wicked personal characteristic.

We all have vices: we all have a set of habits that we apply to ourselves on a daily basis, good and bad. The challenge is to be able to turn those bad habits into something positive.

Once you know what your gift is, you have to then admit your vices. You’ll actually realize that you’ve been doing your vice for so long that at this point.., you’ve mastered it! So, why not use it to your benefit?

For example, vices can be smoking, drinking, or even attention from the opposite sex.

If you love smoking, why not look into opening a dispensary?

If you’re good with women, why not invest into something that women love?

There are multiple creative ways that you can channel those vices into your gift; the best way for people to relate to you is the vices you share with complete strangers.

If you channel them in a positive way, you will no longer be wasting time or money on those vices. Instead, you’ll profit from them. Not only that, but you will also be able to show the world how to do it.

Here's a list that I compiled of the steps I used to turn my vices into fuel for my gifts:

1. OWN IT.

You have to own your vice.

However, owning a vice is an art. Usually, you don’t hear people get bluntly honest and say, “This is what sucks about me; I want to do something about it.” Instead, most people keep their vices hidden.


Choose to turn your vice into a positive! Brainstorm ideas, and act on them immediately. It is important to understand the suffering that occurs in the areas where you are spiritually and physically stuck. For example, If you keep smoking faster than you are saving or investing your money, there are things that you’ll have to give up in life. The vice is robbing you of aspects of life that you don’t even realize.


Once you have decided what you’re going to do about your vice, make a promise to follow through as well as consequences if you do not.


It’s important to tell your friends about your vice. Tell them how you’re going to turn your vice around. In turn, your friends will hold you accountable. This will help you establish a support system. Going public in your circle of friends makes it real. Once you do that, you can’t hide from it anymore.

Remember, you can do anything; the only limits we have are the limits that we place on ourselves. Don’t get in your own way, you got this!

COPYRIGHT @ 2018, Daijah Marnae'.