Cutting Out Distractions in 2019

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

During this time of year, everyone loves to make New Years resolutions-Which is great! How do you plan on manifesting your resolution(s)?

I know for me personally a huge problem that stood in between myself and my goals were distractions. I know that if I struggle with this, others do as well.

Here are a few tips for cutting out distractions:

1.) Be cautious of what you give your attention to on social media

Social media is a great tool... if we use it correctly. However, it can also be a distraction. It is easy to let social media discourage us if we start to compare ourselves to others and the lives that they seem to live. For example, if you are a creative-seeing people with nowhere near your skill level come up before you can be frustrating, I know.

But guess what? Social media has nothing to do with the purpose that has been set for you. Stop indulging in it if you know it frustrates and discourages you. Look at the bigger picture! Your talents are a blessing regardless of who’s clapping. Keep practicing and perfecting your craft regardless of who’s watching because that’s not what’s important.

As long as you prioritize being “praised” for them, The Most High is going to keep humbling you. If limiting your social media usage even more or unfollowing certain people will help you focus in, do that. If someone you’re following isn’t motivating you, inspiring you, or entertaining you with positivity, why are you following them?

2.) Limit music.

This one was probably the most difficult for me personally. I can listen to music from when I wake up until I go to sleep... literally. I also like music about killing, money, drugs, you name it.

However, I had to realize that listening to that all day has an effect: I’m naturally not as productive if I do. In order to remedy this, I limited myself to only listening to music a two hours a day. What do I do instead? If I’m not reading visually, I’m listening to audio books, meditation music, or interviews of people who inspire me. When I decided to do this, it actually changed the way I looked at life. I started thinking about my gifts and how I can use them to ultimately change the world.

3.) Establish a morning routine

It is very important and healthy to begin your day on your day on your own terms, without distraction. The first thing that most of us do when we wakeup is check our phones. By doing that, we’re automatically surrendering our attention to whatever is on our phone rather than what’s most important. Instead, develop a productive morning routine. Wakeup, have breakfast, write or read, do your morning stretches and core exercises, meditate... do whatever you need to do in order to set the tone for your day.

Lastly, when you invest your energy into things not aligned with your purpose it drains you instead of fueling you. It makes the path to your purpose blurry instead of clear. When your purpose is revealed to you by the most high, it is crucial to make sure everything you do is in alignment with that. Eventually, failure won’t scare you because you know that even if you fail:

Plan B is just an additio way to make Plan A work.

COPYRIGHT @ 2018, Daijah Marnae'.