Focused Thinking

Focused thinking removes distractions and mental clutter so that you can concentrate on an issue and think with clarity.

Here are a few things that I found focused thinking does for me:

1. Focused thinking allows me to put all of my power toward my desired goals.

Focus can bring power to almost anything; mental or physical. For example, in relation to working out, we often hear the term “mind muscle connection”. The reason for this is because when you zero in and focus on the specific muscle you’re targeting, you will see better results.

2. Focused thinking gives ideas time to develop.

In order to take ideas to the next level, we must change from being expansive in our thinking to being selective. I found that a good idea can more easily turn into a great idea when the time and focus is put into it. Of course, the bigger the goal or idea, the more time and focus that is required.

3. Focused thinking brings clarity.

Focus helps you know the goal and achieve it.


Every area of our lives does not deserve dedicated, focused thinking time.

Be selective, not exhaustive in your focused thinking and energies.

For me, I dedicate focused thinking time to these areas: creativity, leadership, communication, and networking. This is different for everyone, here are a few suggestion points to help you figure yours out.

  1. Identify your priorities

  2. Discover your gifts

  3. Develop your dream

“Am I dedicated to removing distractions and mental clutter so that I can concentrate with clarity on the real issue?"


  • Once we decide what we need to be thinking about, we need to decide on an efficient way to do it.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Remove distractions

  2. Make time for focused thinking (In my last post FAITH, I talked about setting time aside throughout your day to think

  3. Keep things that help you focus around you (notes, reminders)

  4. Set goals

  5. Question your progress

The purpose of goals are to focus your attention and give you direction. As you reflect on your goals I believe that they should be clear enough to be kept in focus, close enough to be obtainable, and helpful enough to change lives.


I have learned that to excel in a few things, you have to give up many things. Here are the main things that included for me:

I can’t know everyone

I can’t do everything

I can’t go everywhere

I can’t be well rounded

Being willing to give up some of the things we love so that we can focus on what has the greatest impact is a hard lesson to learn. However, the earlier we embrace it, the sooner we can dedicate ourselves to excellence in the things that matter most.

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