Just like everyone has a purpose, I also believe everyone has a gift. Now, there is a difference between your gift and your purpose. The difference being that your gift(s) is your talent, what you have naturally in your possession to reel others in and make them pay attention to you. While your purpose is how you use your gift in order to help others and impose positive change in the world.

We have been conditioned to be “humble”. For what? Oftentimes, to the point where we are in denial about the fact that we are gifted. You don’t have to make yourself small to make others feel comfortable. Since The Most High blessed each of us with our own gifts, the least we could do is acknowledge them and use them to the best of our ability.

Don’t confuse gifts with titles.

Just because you don’t have a title, doesn’t mean you don’t have a gift. Some of us have a gift of fixing things, some are encouragers, creators, great speakers, great parents, athletes, teachers, musicians etc. However, it is your responsibility to determine how you want to use your gift(s) in order to live in your purpose.

You have to be so in tune with yourself to where anything an outsider says has no effect on you. Be confident in yourself; believe in your gift. Also, don’t get caught up in waiting around for the best resources. Pick your scraps and put your gift to the test. If this is truly your gift, you’re going to make it work, you have to start somewhere.

Always remember that whenever you walk into a room: you are an asset, NEVER a liability.

Let me say it again. You are an asset; you are never a liability.

If you did not have a gift, you would never have struggles. You would never feel discouraged or question yourself. Times like these are when we are being tested. Like I said, put your gift to the test and use it to pull you through. Always carry yourself like you know that you are gifted. Carry yourself like you know what you possess. Carry yourself like you value what you have. Carry yourself like you appreciate what God has given you.

Use it to change the world.

COPYRIGHT @ 2018, Daijah Marnae'.