Passion vs. Purpose

What’s the difference between passion and purpose? In my opinion, there isn’t one.

Your purpose in life is your passion.

What would you do if you weren’t getting paid? Start there.

Allow me to paint a picture:

Necessities would be taken care of in abundance. You would never have to worry about a place to live or food on the table, for yourself or your family.

What would you wake up and do everyday?

What’s most fulfilling for you?

For me, it’s health and wellness; my gifts are writing and creativity. For some people, it could be working with kids, working with numbers, or research. Whatever gets you going...whatever you spend your time on: that’s your passion and your purpose.

For example, maybe it’s the music industry. You don’t even have to be a musician, there’s plenty of other positions in the industry; same thing goes for sports.

My bottom line is this: If you want to make an impact on the lives of others, you cannot spend the majority of your time doing something that you hate.

If you want to make a BIG impact on the lives of others, you cannot spend the majority of your time doing something that you only tolerate.

For most people, that "something" is their job.

A lot of people work jobs with this mindset, “I’m going to give my time to this company even though I don't really care for what I’m doing, and I’m not fulfilled”.

Some people hate waking up & going into work in order to pay their bills.

You cannot make an impact and live a fulfilling life doing something that you hate or tolerate; have an impact doing something you love.

Think about it like this:

Is what I’m doing fulfilling me or am I tolerating it?

Do I work Monday-Friday to look forward to weekends or do I work Monday-Friday because I’m passionate about what I’m doing?

Am I making an impact through my life’s work?

If you’re complaining more than you’re enjoying it, chances are you are not in your passion.

Everyone has a natural given ability; that’s why the things that you love to do are instilled inside of you from a very young age.

It is the path to moving into your passion.

Start chasing something that’s more than just a paycheck; what you love can pay the bills.

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