Updated: Nov 14, 2018

I have so many things to work on as a woman and a human being in general (as we all do). However, I feel like one of the main components is patience. Patience is such a beneficial and necessary skill to possess. When we are impatient, we run the risk of acting impulsively and making a bad decision. I’m realizing that things worth having, accomplishing, and developing really do take time. We must practice patience in many areas of our lives. I broke it down into what I feel are the most important three:

1. Patience with self

Often times, we are confused as to why things aren’t happening when we want and how we want, we don’t stop to appreciate and monitor our progress. All we see is the finish line and wonder why we’re still not there. This applies to breaking/forming habits, accomplishing goals, as well as healing. This causes us to doubt ourselves, talk down to ourselves, and sometimes give up all together. Great positive reinforcements for ourselves are weekly checklists. Incorporate mini goals that you will accomplish each week and physically write it in a notebook to keep track. If you’re consistent, by the time you look up all of those mini goals will have added up to a big goal. This simple tool forces you to keep track of how far you’ve come and pat yourself on the back for your progress.

1. Patience with relationships

In order to build and maintain healthy relationships, you have to have patience with the people you allow in your life. We can’t cut people off for every little thing they do that we don’t like. Everyone can’t provide the same things you can in the same way. When you get to a point in your life where you’re becoming successful- rather that be knowledge, material possessions, or a combination of both… you have to be understanding of different learning and growing curves.

Try your best to work with them, as long as it’s not at the cost of you.

Everyone also doesn’t have the same heart and mind as you. You can’t assume because you show love a certain way, that your friends and family will reciprocate in the same way. You have to give people time to learn you and understand what you expect out of them in order for them to hold a spot in your life.

3. Professional patience

While my business partner and I are on this journey to build our business, we have had to stretch our patience more than I ever thought. Starting a business takes a lot of time, commitment, and money. A lot of times when you think you have everything together, you actually don’t. It feels like there’s always something: another box to check, another legality to cover, or another person to pay. So far in my professional entrepreneurial experience, I think the factor that has tested my patience the most is working with other people. Everyone works, does business, and communicates differently as well as at their own pace. It is very important to implement patience and your people skills in order to build bridges. This also motivates the individuals that you’re working with to be excited to work with you and do great work.

Lastly, patience is a skill that needs to be practiced; it is not a trait. With that being said, make sure you’re being active with the practice and keeping a positive attitude all the way through.

COPYRIGHT @ 2018, Daijah Marnae'.