The most powerful day you have is today.

Procrastination can be defined as the action of delaying or postponing something.

Procrastination is a natural human trait, we all do it. However, we need to push ourselves to be better and to create new habits. We are all way too talented to wait, and we all have a purpose to fulfill. That is why procrastination is such an offense to the talents and gifts we all possess. Procrastination forsakes the glory for today, hoping that we will have another day.

How arrogant are we to assume that we will have another day?

How arrogant are we to assume that we will have another opportunity to do what we were anointed to do today?

There are two types of procrastination: long term & short term/deadline based.

We can think of short term procrastination in terms of school, i.e exams, term papers, and final projects. If you want a self starter career such as something in the arts or entrepreneurship , there are no deadlines at first. Nothing is happening until you work hard & get momentum to get things going. Other things that don’t involve deadlines are family time, exercise, and working on a relationship or ending a relationship. However, if your only mechanism for getting things done is a deadline, the effects of procrastination aren’t contained in these situations. Instead, they extend outward forever.

On the other hand, long term procrastination is less visible and less talked about than short-term/deadline based procrastination. Long term procrastination is suffered quietly and privately. This can ultimately lead to long term unhappiness and regret. Long term procrastination makes you feel like a spectator in your own life; it’s so much deeper than school assignments.


Everyone is procrastinating on something in life, we need to take a minute and think about what that is.

The real challenge to procrastination is when the dead lines aren’t there. You can cram for a test or a paper and turn it in on time. In real life, you have to create your own deadlines. You can’t procrastinate on building your relationships, acquiring new skills, and perfecting your craft while still thinking that you’re living in your purpose.

You can’t seek instant gratification and also expect long term results.

Make every day count, you’re one step closer to your divine purpose.

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