Real Dreamers Have No Plan B

Are you a dreamer? Do you have big goals?

If so, here’s a list of statements that you shouldn’t pay much attention to.

Be aware of old sayings that you apply to your life. Some of them are not designed for dreamers or people who have aspirations of being extraordinary.

1. “Statistics say…”

In my opinion, that statement sets you up for failure. If you take that statement in, it automatically changes your mindset.

A lot of people who have lost have come up with these sayings to justify why they keep losing or why they lost.

If it’s 1 in 3,000 that make it, why not just be that one?

2. “Maybe it’s not meant to be” OR “ it wasn’t God’s will"

Don’t blame God for something you may have not done yourself.

You didn’t contact the right people.

You didn’t do the research.

You didn’t do the things you were supposed to do.

You didn’t stay consistent.

These statements might SOUND like good advice, but they don’t always have anything to do with you. Stop letting these old sayings get in the way of what can happen in your life.

3. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

If you don’t pour all your efforts into one thing, how are you going to be great at that one thing?

For example, If Kobe didn’t play basketball from sun up to sun down, do you think he would have been as great?

The good thing about putting all of your eggs in one basket is this:

you can now maximize your effort and have tunnel vision for what you’re doing.

If your basket is made out of faith, hope, hard work, and belief… that’s a great basket to have. Why not dump everything you have into it?


4. “Always have a plan b”

Why do you have a Plan b? In order to have a Plan B, you must stop working on Plan A so that you can formulate Plan B.

In order to have a Plan B to fall back on, you have to stop working on Plan A and apply some effort to have a Plan B.

Who told us that?

Where is your FAITH?

Where is your BELIEF?

When we do that, we are only defeating ourselves. If we don’t even believe in ourselves enough to go full force, why would it work out?

Be careful of these sayings that are aligned by losers as a means of justification as to why they are not succeeding.

Do not apply them to your life.

Get your Plan A, make it work.

Even if it doesn’t work out the way you expected, it will work out exactly how it was supposed to.

Focus on your Plan A, and unlock your full potential.

COPYRIGHT @ 2018, Daijah Marnae'.