I wrote this book for anyone whose goal is to walk in their purpose.

This book is composed of 23 lessons I have learned in my life thus far. I am releasing this guide on my 23rd birthday to aid you in your journey of self discovery and walking in your purpose. We are all just trying to figure it out, so why not do it together? Here’s 23 lessons I Iearned before age 23.




  • Discipline is The Purest Act of Self Love

  • Your Individuality is Your Magic

  • Fake It ‘Till You Make It

  • Energy Always Comes Back 

  • Forgiveness is Healing

  • Limits Do Not Exist

  • Channel Your Vices

  • You May Delay, but Time Will Not

  • Be Intentional

  • Do Not Devalue What You Have to Offer

  • Every Action Matters

  • Stay Teachable

  • Never Forget your Why

  • Avoid Comparisons

  • How You Feel About Yourself Determines What You Attract

  • Collaboration Over Competition

  • Comfort Zones Kill Greatness

  • Self Improvement Never Stops

  • There is No Plan B

  • Your Network is Your Network

  • Positive Attitude: Positive Life

  • You Can’t Calm The Storm

  • Manifestation Requires Alignment

23 Steps Ahead: 23 Things I Learned Before Age 23


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